What Drives Julie Verde?

Math teacher, Mrs. Julie Verde, presents a TOM Talk and answers the question "What drives me?"


TOM Talks are STA’s emulation of TED Talks. While TED Talks present on “ideas worth spreading,” TOM Talks center on a theme applicable to our unique STA community. The current TOM Talk theme around which each upcoming talk will focus is “What drives you?”


The second TOM Talk occurred today at STA and it was special from beginning to end. Beloved math teacher, Julie Verde, shared with the STA community what drives her.  By backpedaling through her journey of life, Mrs. Verde gave our community insight into her values, her personality, and her faith.

“Consistency.  I love consistency,” she remarked. (This helps explain why she parks her car in the very same spot every day.)  She also respects processes, lists and checking things off those lists. Her engineering background at Corning and her subsequent teaching positions prepared Julie for her present teaching job at St. Thomas Aquinas.  The fact that she integrates her experiential background into her classroom teaching is one of the many reasons students enjoy “Mrs. Verde.”  However, the singular reason that she’s a favorite is because of her kind, caring demeanor and her genuine attention to the holistic health of each STA student.

When trials and tribulations presented themselves in her life, Mrs. Verde’s husband reminded her to trust God and His plan. That trust carried her up and over worrisome times of job losses and moves and the “inconsistency of motherhood.” She channeled her inner perseverance and continued to move forward, trusting that life would work out as it should- and it did.

Graced with three beautiful children, Julie has spent the last 14 years at various teaching jobs, often with her young ones in tow. “Dylan is the voice of the family, Audrey is so bright, and Grace has an intensity about her that is unique.” Mrs. Verde’s love for her children and her husband was palpable to all those present in the gymnasium. It was easy to tell that her passion for teaching, her family of five and her faith in a higher power are three driving forces in her life.

“One can't help but feel blessed here at STA each and every day...we are so fortunate to have so many caring, loving, and devoted faculty and staff,” said Principal Collins. “Julie, you are a wonder… We're the lucky ones.”

We certainly are. Thank you, Mrs. Verde, for being a consistent presence for our Saints every day both in and out of Room 202.

(Julie and her husband, Michael, are raising their children Grace (STA ’22), Audrey (7th grade), and Dylan (4th grade) in Berwick, Maine.)