Shark Tank

Students giving a class presentation
Global Studies tackle sharks head-on in their presentations.


Budding entrepreneurs got their chance to bring their dreams to fruition this morning in today’s “Shark Tank,” a show brought to STA by executive producers Mr. Matt Portu and Mrs. Jen Duprat (Global Studies teachers). Challenged to consider an issue affecting Africa, freshmen Saints needed to create a solution that would effectively address the said issue while lobbying for a significant capital investment by “sharks” (a 3-person panel representing business titans.)

With persuasive presentations and in powerful advocacy, students used their critical thinking skills to create, debate and innovate solutions to very real and serious issues affecting a large percent of the world’s population. How to create a system by which to capture and provide clean, sanitary water in sub-saharan Africa?  How to transition Middle Eastern countries away from their reliance on oil to sustainable resources such as solar and hydroelectric power?  These were but two of numerous topics addressed in this morning’s episode.

As St. Thomas Aquinas High School prepares today’s young people for tomorrow’s world, it constantly crafts ways to meet students where they’re at, thereby bringing learning to a level of accessibility and intrigue. In this way, students acquire a confidence in making an attempt rather than hiding behind a fear of erroneous answers. Whether in the arts, STEM, or foreign language, Saints are challenged and supported to apply their curiosity and knowledge so as to achieve far-reaching success.   

At St. Thomas Aquinas, we use learning as… shark bait.