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Congratulations to Andrew Cavanaugh (1000 points) and Paddy Vetter (100 points) on aiming high... and soaring higher.



Of the many rewards that accompany those who run alongside St. Thomas Aquinas students on their high school journey is the opportunity to be bystanders as they achieve their goals and dreams.

Last night, Saints Pride took center stage on the court and on the rink. With their steadfast commitment, effort and dedication, two St. Thomas Aquinas High School seniors earned their career milestones. Congratulations to Andrew Cavanaugh for reaching 1000 points in his basketball career and to Patrick Vetter for making 100 goals/assists in his beloved sport of hockey.

We are proud of the perseverance and endurance that both boys have demonstrated to their sport and to their teammates. However, we are most proud of the fact that both Andrew and Paddy are humble, kind and wonderful personfiers of true Saints Pride.

Congratulations, Saints!