Young adult male playing piano.
Always one to incorporate deep emotion and raw sentiment into their music, Lucas once again promises not to disappoint.


As a long-time student of Catholic education, Dover resident Lucas Nering knows well the importance of giving back to his community. As a current junior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and as an alumni of Saint Mary Academy, Lucas has discovered that one way he can pay forward his God-given gifts and talents is by using them to help raise money for his alma mater.

Since he was seven years old, Lucas has been playing the piano. He has spent many, many hours honing his talent with Portsmouth piano instructors David Wold and Paul Dykstra and has long surpassed the level of amateur pianist. Last May, Lucas shared his musical expertise with the community in a special piano recital, the proceeds of which benefitted his grammar school, Saint Mary Academy (SMA).  The solo recital raised $1425.00 for SMA; the funds were used to purchase eight new electric keyboards for the school’s Music Department.  Inspired by the community’s positive response and outpouring of generosity, Lucas is planning an encore performance on Friday, December 1 at St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Dover. This time, he will be accompanied by fellow STA junior Spencer Gregory- a singer, songwriter, producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist. 

“This time, I have written two original sonatas,” Lucas notes with nonchalance. “The first is entitled, ‘A Tragic Fate’ and the second, ‘The Independent Sonata.’ In the first, I incorporate some of life’s inexplicable occurrences into the music and in the second, well, the second is a composition that stems from an understanding that bad happenstance doesn’t define people. One’s life doesn’t depend on a certain circumstance or set of circumstances.”

Always one to incorporate deep emotion and raw sentiment into his music, Lucas once again promises not to disappoint. With his vibrant use of crescendo and demonstrative display of impassioned musicality, this young virtuoso will appeal to an audience of all ages. 

Concert Details:
Location: St. Thomas Aquinas High School Gymnasium
Date: Friday, December 1
Time: 6:00pm
Cost: Donations only
Beneficiary: Saint Mary Academy, 222 Central Ave., Dover NH 03820