An Attack on Glossophobia

Female students presenting a speech.
Mady Buchalski '20 delivers a TED Talk on the power of color.


What do water memory, anger management and the power of color all have in common?  They were the subjects delivered today by STA students in their public speaking course.

Wowing a crowd is not easy. The most effective public speakers know that the delivery of a fine-tuned speech requires strong preparation and practice, practice, practice. Students in Mrs. Kate Collins’ public speaking class have learned this first-hand.   

After choosing a topic of their own interest, the students honed their writing skills and drafted a solid speech. But transitioning a written speech to an engaging oral presentation requires more than simply reading words aloud. Their task was to be as familiar with their topic and their presentation as possible (preferably memorized) and resembling a TED Talk.  Today’s speakers, Will Scholes ’19, Olivia Fennessy ’20, and Mady Buchalski ’20, did not disappoint. While nerves floated near the surface, the students carried their message clearly and lifted their audience to a place of understanding and agreement.

Vulnerability is an unwanted sidekick to public speaking; no one enjoys feeling uncomfortable or reliant upon rehearsed memory for success.  However, learning to present and advocate professionally is a significant life skill applicable to any career.

Well done, Saints.

Ring. TED is calling.