And the winner is...

Graphic design with barbell
JJ Marsh '21 won 1st place in a Spirit Week design contest.


Raising the bar.  


St. Thomas Aquinas High School is doing that in all ways this year.


"Raise the bar" has recently been applied to new STA initiatives and experiences while also frequently used in conversations among both faculty and students.  Always a school of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, impressive fine arts and tremendous community, St. Thomas Aquinas High School is- with great intention- uniting in mission, excellence and spirit.

Next week marks Spirit Week. In preparation for this highly anticipated week, STA students have been meeting, planning and rehearsing. Not willing to be left out of the fun, Faculty and Staff will sport their own Spirit Week t-shirts. It seemed only "fitting" therefore,  to ask our Saints to help them stand out.

Thanks to new faculty member, Hettie Haudenschield, Digital Art students imagined and designed special "Raise the Bar" logos.  All were impressive but one won the heart of Principal Collins.

JJ Marsh '21  took the "raising the bar" motto and gave it a lift.  His iamge design is seen here and will be worn on the backs of all the St. Thomas Aquinas Faculty and Staff next week and many times thereafter.

Thank you, JJ, for "weighing in" on our school spirit and lifting it to new heights.


#aimhighsoarhigher  #saintspride