Student carrying the crucifix in Mass recessional.
All Saints Day Mass Recessional


Every day is “All Saints Day” at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. November 1, however, offers our Saints an opportunity to come together and celebrate Mass on this solemn holy day of the Catholic Church. 

Saint Paul, in his First Letter to the Corinthians, wrote, “to you who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, called to be holy, with all those everywhere who call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, their Lord and ours.” (1 Cor 1:2) As Christians, we are all called to be saints- people who love God with all their minds, souls and hearts.

Many of us have our favorite saints. Today at Mass, our beautiful choir sang out to many of them to pray for us. Saint Michael, Saint Timothy, Saint Elizabeth. Holy Mary, Katharine Drexel, Saint Gabriel.  

And though many think that everyday people cannot be saints, this simply isn’t true. Many of the famous saints are “famous” because they had lobbyists (clerics or religious order members) advocating for their canonization.  However, saints share common characteristics, many of which are held by everyday people- our neighbors, friends, relatives. The saints lived for the glory of God, worked for the salvation of souls, practiced great devotion to Mary and integrated prayer deeply into their lives. The Eucharist was held in their highest regard, they were committed to helping the poor and they passionately loved the Church. These traits are not unattainable but rather are quite realizable. 

On this special holy day, we give thanks for our many blessings at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. The greatest blessing perhaps, is that no matter which way we turn inside our campus, there are Saints walking among us in all directions.

St. Thomas Aquinas, ora pro nobis.