An investment in a St. Thomas Aquinas High School education will yield positive dividends for years to come.

We remain faithful to maintaining an outstanding educational program while keeping the St. Thomas Aquinas experience as affordable as possible. Providing the best education possible requires a highly qualified faculty and staff, diverse academic and co-curricular programs and a strong adherence to our mission. It is important to note that one in three families receive financial assistance from St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

We are committed to being the best stewards of every dollar we receive. Determined annually, tuition represents a portion of the total cost to educate each student. With no financial support from the Diocese, the remaining piece comes from our annual Aquinas Fund campaign. We are grateful to the many donors who help keep tuition affordable through their generous gifts to the school.  

What sets St. Thomas Aquinas High School apart from other schools is its sense of community or, in essence, its sense of family. As family, your son or daughter will be cherished, guided, respected and transformed.

And that's an investment not just for school, but for life.


2018-2019 Tuition $14,360

Tuition Assistance

St. Thomas Aquinas High School recognizes the challenge for parents in providing a quality education for their children. We understand the difficulty and sacrifice necessary to meet the financial weight of tuition. It is our endeavor to keep tuition as low as possible while operating the school in a fiscally responsible fashion. St. Thomas Aquinas allocates a portion of its annual budget to provide St. Thomas Aquinas Grant Aid for qualifying families.

Although STA tuition is set much lower than its private school counterparts, we are able to offer the highest quality education that lands our graduates into top colleges. Additionally, last year our graduating class (the Class of 2018) earned $3,133,089 in merit and scholarship awards. 
All families are eligible to apply. A demonstrated financial need is the first criteria. Financial need is determined by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment and reported to the school following an application to FACTS. The Financial Aid/Tuition Assistance Committee will make an evaluation and award aid by matching the ability to pay tuition with resources available. Families must also complete a St. Thomas Aquinas Financial Aid Supplement Form. All financial information is handled in strict confidence.

There are many opportunities for financial assistance, for scholarships, for merit scholarships and even opportunities to host an international student, which many families find is enough to bridge the gap between a tight budget and affordability.  Please inquire!

How to Apply

Step 1: We know that applying for financial assistance can be daunting.  Depending on your individual family's situation, the process can vary.  For this reason, we highly encourage you to please reach out to our Financial Aid Coordinator, Mrs. Lisa Puffer, as your very first step in the process.  Mrs. Puffer will walk you through the steps and carefully explain the process so that it will be as smooth a journey as possible.  You may call her at 603-742-1324 or email her at

Step 2: Applying for Financial Aid is Easy!  Apply by December 17, 2018.

·  Apply online to FACTS –
Upload your 2017 IRS Taxes, 2017 W-2 and any schedules if you are self-employed.
Pay $35 application fee to FACTs

·  Send a copy of your 2017 IRS Taxes, 2017 W-2s to St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Attn: Lisa Puffer, Financial Aid Coordinator.

·  If your student is applying for scholarships, please also include Scholarship Application (green sheet) along with any accompanying essays.


Payment Options

St. Thomas Aquinas families have three options for paying tuition; Single Payment, Semi-Annual Payment and the 10-Month Payment Plan.
Single Payment
Due June 1 – payable via cash or check. $100 discount per student for families choosing this option.
Semi-Annual Payment
Due June 1 and November 1 – payable via cash or check. $50 discount per student for families choosing this option.

Credit Card Payment
Credit card payment option for 2018-19 tuition (for Annual or Semi-Annual payers only).
10-Month Payment Plan (interest-free)
Payments begin on June 1 and conclude on March 1. Payments must be automatically debited from your bank account.
Education Loans through “Your Tuition Solution”
For the 2019-20 school year, St. Thomas Aquinas High School is offering access to fixed rate loans from “Your Tuition Solution”. Families may apply after March 1st, 2019. There are no application or origination fees and no prepayment penalty. You are able to calculate monthly payments, learn more or apply online at or by calling 1-800-920-9777.

Class of 2023:

    $250 Tuition Deposit is due March 1 (credited towards tuition when enrolled)
    $50 one-time Registration Fee is due March 1

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