The academic program is directed by the mission of St. Thomas Aquinas High School to be an intensive educational experience that searches for truth in academic as well as religious activities. The curriculum delivers our mission by liberally educating our students as independent learners, problem solvers, critical thinkers, and capable readers and writers. Graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas have mastered an introductory knowledge of traditional subject areas. While our focus is college preparatory, our students develop skills and knowledge needed in their faith, in our democratic society and for a competitive business world.

As a Catholic school, our program is infused with Christian values. Our students are challenged by our curriculum to be morally and socially responsible. Our instructors provide students with individual attention and respect that bring dignity to each student’s educational experience. The Gospel teachings guide and challenge the relationships within our academic community.

Our expectations are consistently challenging and intensive. Students are expected to fully participate in a classroom dialogue with their instructors. Students at St. Thomas Aquinas High School are challenged to take ownership of their education—to be actively involved in learning.  By making connections among the disciplines, our curriculum recognizes that knowledge is not easily divided or segmented. The integration of technology and the arts broadens the scope of our program, introducing students to the tools of our world and the range of human expression.