Accepted Student Night, February 13: Please join us with your parents and get to know more about the STA community from the inside out. This evening will be a time for you to ask questions, engage our faculty and staff in conversation, and envision how your next four years will be shaped and formed by a St. Thomas Aquinas High School education. At Accepted Student Night, you will begin to see yourself as we see you- as a Saint.

Orientation I, April 3: This evening is for Students and Parents. Primarily an academic orientation, Orientation I will be the first official Class of 2022 gathering. Department Chairs and Guidance Counselors will guide you and your parents through the course selection process. In addition, you will learn about the STA Community Service requirements.

Orientation II, May 21: This evening is also for Students and Parents. You and your parents will receive logistical information regarding transportation, athletics, extracurricular activities, dress code, attendance, and additional procedural information.


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