Meet some newly registered 2022 Classmates!

Girl lying on grass with soccer ball between her feet
Welcome Home, Amanda!


Amanda Behre
Junior High: Saint Mary Academy
Town: Dover, NH
Parish: Parish of the Assumption
Favorite Subjects: Science and English

With her ever-ready smile and gracious personality, Amanda Behre is going to infuse our STA hallways with joy. She possesses a wide variety of interests that range from horseback riding to robotics to soccer.  As an 8th grader at Saint Mary Academy, Amanda has been a strong student ambassador, often giving tours to prospective students, serving as a teacher helper and mentoring younger students. “Spending time with younger children is one of my favorite things to do,” she says.

When asked why she sought admittance to St. Thomas Aquinas, Amanda replies, “STA feels like home to be because I have received a Catholic education since I was in preschool. I wanted to continue to learn in a Catholic faith environment. Boy my dad and my brother went to STA and they had a great experience and received an excellent education. I am so excited for the many opportunities that STA has to offer me!”

Of the many opportunities on Amanda’s horizon, she most looks forward to “making new friends and having more opportunities to give back to others.” She is eagerly awaiting Winterterm and is interested in joining STA’s soccer and basketball teams. “It would also be fun to try a new sport like lacrosse!”

Being a freshman in high school can seem daunting and one of the greatest strengths of St. Thomas Aquinas’ faculty and staff is ensuring that new students feel welcomed and comfortable in the transition. “I get a little nervous when I am asked to try new things,” admits Amanda. “Feeling like I am already a part of the STA family helps me to be more relaxed and excited about all the new opportunities in front of me. After Open House, I relaxed a lot because it was so easy to make new friends and I can’t wait to make more.”

And we can’t wait to have Amanda at St. Thomas Aquinas.

Welcome Home, Amanda!



Welcome Home, Ava!


Ava Coffey

Junior High: Rye Junior High School 
Town: Rye, NH
Parish: St. Theresa Parish
Favorite Subject: Language Arts

Smile!” With Ava’s passion for photography, STA suspects they will be hearing this exclamatory prompt from her many times throughout the next four years. “Taking photographs inspires me to be creative,” she shares. “The end results are prints and digital media that enable me to express myself to others in a personal and unique way. I particularly enjoy capturing landscape imagery which, taken at any given moment, can be enjoyed by others for many future years.”  

As Ava looks forward to joining the St. Thomas Aquinas community as a 2022 Saint, she eagerly anticipates “participating in the school’s educational enrichment opportunities.” We know she’ll enjoy the Photography Club but suspect she’ll be busy exploring many other extracurricular opportunities as well. “At Rye Junior High, I was involved with field hockey, softball, the technology club, Student Council, theater, chorus, band, the yearbook club, and I volunteered at the Seacoast Science Center as well as the Rye Public Library Children’s Room.” Ava’s energy will serve her well as she rounds the corner of all STA’s offerings and activities.

With language arts as her favorite subject, Ava is sure to settle in nicely into our freshman English classes. “I chose to attend STA so that I could take full advantage of the school’s model academic program as well as the student enrichment opportunities that will prepare me so well for “after high school” experiences.  St. Thomas Aquinas offers a caring and safe environment with dedicated staff members who take special interest in each student. I look forward to reaching my full potential and experiencing Saints Pride with my Freshmen STA Classmates!”

All of us at STA are looking forward to ushering you into STA, Ava. Your enthusiasm for education and your own individual aspirations are very admirable.  

Welcome Home, Ava!




Lily Buono
Junior High: Newmarket Jr./Sr. High School
Town: Newmarket, NH
Favorite Subject: History


“I chose St. Thomas Aquinas High School because I wanted to join a community where people care for each other.” In response to incoming freshman Lily Buono’s words, we can assuredly respond that she has hit the jackpot.

Being a caring community, a family is one of the many elements of St. Thomas Aquinas that sets it apart from other high schools. With her enthusiasm for meeting new people, Lily is going to blend in perfectly within our family.

As a Level 6 competitive gymnast at Atlantic Gymnastics, Lily spends four hours a day, five days a week working on her strong gymnastic skills.  That said, she is looking forward to playing field hockey at STA. At St. Thomas Aquinas, students can begin a sport for the very first time as a freshman, thereby trying something new and pursuing interests in an otherwise untried sport or a club.

With high school on her horizon, Lily is eager to jump right in to things and we know she will make a colorful splash. “I’m really looking forward to Spirit Week and Homecoming because I have heard they are really fun. I am also looking forward to using my creativity to help my Class of 2022 win Spirit Week.”

Good luck to Lily as she finishes up her 8th grade year. We can’t wait to welcome her home next August to the freshman Class of 2022.

Welcome Home, Lily!




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